A dog is usually the most common pet and emotional support animal. If you are not a dog person, you must have a cat as a pet or ESA.


Well, in my case, I didn’t want either a dog or a cat as my emotional support animal. I applied for an emotional support animal letter in order to own a rabbit.


Yes, they are loving companions but for me they are a little high maintenance. Dogs with their running schedule and cats with their grumpy attitude.


Rabbits are gentle creatures full of personality


As a rabbit owner, I can this for sure that these undeniably adorable creatures are very loving and affectionate towards their owners. Their cuddly nature is perfect for you to create a strong bond while gently holding them.


Surprisingly, they are easy to train as compared to dog or cat so that will save you a lot of trouble. They are quick learners. Just give them a carrot or small chunks of bananas as a reward and they will be happy with it.


Quiet and peaceful


With a bunny, you will not have to worry about the unnecessary barking of your dog keeping the neighbours wide awake. Rabbits are really shy and quiet animals. With their peaceful nature, bunnies are well suited to be kept as a pet in an apartment.


Their little squeaks are adorable to keep you at peace.


Enjoy their company for a long time


Rabbits have a longer life span as compared to other small creatures. On average, rabbits love around 10+ years. This enables you to develop a strong bond with these little balls of fur.


If you need an animal to stay with you for a longer period, the best choice is a rabbit. These cuddly creatures will accompany you by helping you deal with your stress and depression.


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